The Armor of God

The Armor of God training program is open to everyone, regardless of age. The goal is to receive the title of "knight" as well as collect the full armor of God!


To be called a “knight” and to receive the full armor of God participants must advance through three stages, completing six missions along the way. Each stage has two missions. The accomplishment of each mission rewards a piece of the armor of God. 


Stage one: Page- To be a Page a student must collect the belt of truth and sandals of readiness.

Stage two: Squire- To be a Squire a student must collect the breastplate of righteousness and the helmet of salvation.

Stage three: Knight- To be a Knight a student must collect the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit.

The Armor of God Training Program will work in connection with all phases of the kids ministry at Iberia Christian Church. From Sunday school to kid's church to evening activities, everything we do will serve to equip kids for their missions (within the program). Of course it is not a requirment to attend these any or all of these ministries, as the full intent of the Armor of God program is to enlist the help of the parents and put them in the driver seats of faith formation in their children. 

Each piece of armor is collected only after students have accomplished the two missions found at each stage. These missions include scripture reading & memorization.

Participants who follow this program to completion will memorize over 50 verses of the Bible, all the books of the Bible, will have read over key portions of scripture to their parents as well as from their parents, and even write short reports on chosen books of the Bible. This is an excited program that could create a lasting spiritual bond between children and parents, as well as children and Jesus!


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  May 2020  
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